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Window Coverings & Shutter Services In Eastern Washington


Do you need window shutter or blind installers in Eastern Washington and the surrounding area? Call Intermountain West Insulation for your window covering needs with blind and shutter work. We work with builders, contractors and homeowners on residential new construction and replacement (re-insulation) projects. Contact us online today—or keep reading to learn more about our window blinds services!

Window Interior Shutter Services

The difference between wood blinds and window shutters is how they are fitted to the window. Shutters are attached to the window frame itself, while blinds are attached to the inside of or above the windows. There are many pros to having window shutters in your home, such as:

  • Long-lasting design
  • No cords or chains, meaning they’re safe for children
  • Offer great insulation
  • Low-maintenance
  • Hard-wearing
  • Available in a wide range of styles and can be suited to fit any home

Not to mention, window shutters add value to your home. With window shutter services by Intermountain West Insulation, you can be guaranteed that the shutters will be installed correctly by expert contractors.

How To Measure for Blinds & Interior Shutters

Measure the inside width of the window in three locations: top, middle and bottom. And remember to measure the opening at the point of the window where the shutter frame will be installed.

Window Shutter & Blind Installation in Eastern Washington

When you need on-time, professional window shutter or blind installation in Eastern Washington or the surrounding area, make Intermountain West Insulation your first call. Our experts can help you finish your project on budget while providing a wealth of industry knowledge and excellent service.

We have worked with many builders and contractors in Eastern Washington. If you’re a homeowner who wants to replace old blinds or shutters, we’ve got you covered!

Whatever your needs, Intermountain West Insulation is happy to discuss your project requirements.

Contact us online today. We’re looking forward to working with you on your project.

Window Blind FAQs

What size blind is best?

The best size of window blind depends on your preferences. Some of the more common sizes include three-inch, two-inch and half-inch blinds. Wider blinds will have less space between the slats, resulting in more privacy but less light. Narrower blinds will allow more light in, but they will reduce privacy a bit, making it easier to see inside your home. Generally,two-inch blinds are a good compromise between light and privacy, and that is our standard size at Intermountain West Insulation.

Do I really need window coverings?

Window coverings like blinds can offer several benefits for your Eastern Washington home. They provide an extra layer of insulation over your windows to keep out drafts and cold in the winter or keep out the heat and sun in the summer.

They help reduce noise from neighbors, pedestrians and cars, and they let you control light levels in your home. Finally, they also help protect your privacy, preventing neighbors and pedestrians from seeing inside your home, especially after dark.

Can I still have curtains or drapes?

Yes, just choose your curtains, drapes and hardware carefully, so there is plenty of room between the drapes and blinds. Longer curtain rod brackets should suffice to provide the necessary clearance.

How often should I clean the blinds?

To avoid excessive dust accumulations, it’s a good idea to dust your blinds once or twice a week with a microfiber cloth. This will help keep dust to a minimum and allow you to take more time between deep cleanings.

Once a month or so, clean the blinds thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap, like dish detergent. Then rinse the blinds with clean water and dry them with a microfiber cloth. Finally, wipe them down with a dryer sheet to prevent static and repel dust.

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