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Garage Door Replacement & Installation

Garage Door Replacement Service in Eastern Washington

Although garage doors are generally very durable, there may come a time when replacement is required. After all, severe damage from weather or fire can occur, rendering your garage door useless and unreliable. Or perhaps you need a different garage door to fit your needs.

Whatever the case, look no further than Intermountain West Insulation! For decades, we’ve served the Eastern Washington area with the highest quality residential and commercial garage door replacement service.

Residential Garage Door Installation in Eastern Washington


Garage doors that have chipped or peeling paint, are warped or cracked — or, worse, aren’t working correctly — don’t look good but also are leaving your home unprotected. Sometimes a repair will suffice, but some situations call for full garage door replacement.

You may need to replace your garage door if:

  • A repair wasn’t enough to fix the problem(s).
  • You need more frequent repairs.
  • The repairs are becoming increasingly expensive.
  • You want a different door that will better complement the style of your remodeled home.

Before you decide that you need garage door replacement, talk to a company that provides garage door replacement service and make sure the problem is with the actual door and not the opener. Sometimes the garage door opener (not the garage door itself) is causing the problem! A professional garage door company will be able to tell you for sure what the source of the problem is.

Benefits of Replacing Your Garage Door

If your garage door looks run-down, it’s not just lowering your home’s property value and curb appeal. The energy loss can get expensive, especially in winter when we see extreme temperatures.

Garage doors should last 15 to 30 years if there’s been no damage. Signs your garage door needs replacement includes:

  • Age of the door itself, hinges, springs or other hardware and moving parts
  • Panel damage
  • The door seems overly heavy and/or sags
  • Visible damage and dents

Eight benefits of replacing your Eastern Washington garage door include:

  1. Appearance: Today’s garage doors are stylish and will enhance any architecture. If your garage door is worn-out and unattractive, you — and your neighbors — will love the upgrade.
  2. Comfort: With a drier, cleaner garage, you may find the space inside so comfortable you’ll consider using it for hobbies or a workshop.
  3. Energy efficiency: A new insulated garage door can significantly lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.
  4. Lower insurance: It’s not guaranteed, but ask your homeowners insurance provider if your new garage door will lower your premiums. It adds value with greater security, increased property value, greater energy efficiency and better weather resistance.
  5. Maintenance: The latest materials have textures and colors that are natural-looking and easier to clean. No more peeling paint — no more repainting at all. Just clean with soap and water.
  6. Market value: Replacing your garage door increases your property value. But if you plan to sell this year or next, a garage door replacement gives you an edge in a competitive real estate market. It practically pays for itself.
  7. Satisfaction: Dealing with a broken-down garage door is frustrating. Your new, replacement garage door opens nicely and shuts securely. Your thoughts can move on to other things, like living the good life in the heartland.
  8. Security: Bad weather and vandals take advantage of a poorly fitted or badly insulated garage door. You have valuables stored in your garage that need to be protected. Your garage may also access your attic, basement or home interior. Keep the cold and the bad guys outside, where they belong.

If you think it’s time for a replacement garage door, you’re probably right. Contact Intermountain West Insulation to learn more.

Commercial Garage Door Installation for Eastern Washington Businesses

If you need garage door replacement for your commercial needs, Intermountain West Insulation has a variety of products. Maybe you installed a garage door that isn’t right for your building or doesn’t fit your needs.

Do you need a fire-rated garage door? No problem. We offer safe steel garage doors that comply with modern fire safety standards and specialty metal hollow, fire-rated doors.

Sometimes a repair just doesn’t cut it – but don’t leave it up to chance! It may be more costly than repair. However, commercial garage door replacement is vital to maintain proper safety and security, particularly if you have to deal with fire hazards and need a door to accommodate these needs. We can replace garage doors for warehouses, firehouses, storage facilities, retail supply centers and more.

Products to Meet any Garage Door Replacement Need

Whether you need a new carriage-style garage door for your home or multiple fire-rated garage doors with security grilles, you’ll find the right product in our expansive selection. Intermountain West Insulation offers many different types of residential and commercial garage doors:

  • Sectional steel garage doors
  • Rolling steel garage doors
  • Modern aluminum garage doors
  • Wood garage doors
  • Vinyl-clad garage doors
  • Specialty hollow metal garage doors
  • And more

Need a Garage Door Installed in Eastern Washington?

If you need garage door replacement service in Eastern Washington, we offer the right services and products for you.

Contact Intermountain West Insulation today to learn more about garage door replacement!

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