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Garage Door Tune-up Service In Eastern Washington

Is your Eastern Washington garage door in good shape? If your garage door suddenly stops working, it’s natural to think you may need a new one—but this isn’t always the case! Sometimes a simple maintenance, tune-up or repair is enough to fix the problem.

If you need a garage door inspection and tune-up for your home in Eastern Washington or the surrounding area, Intermountain West Insulation can help. Get in touch with our professionals today or keep reading to learn a little more!

Do You Need Garage Door Service?

First things first—do you need professional garage door service in Eastern Washington? If anything at all is wrong with your garage door, having a garage door specialist come out for an inspection is a good idea. In fact, we don’t recommend homeowners handle any repairs or inspections themselves.

Signs You Need a Garage Door Inspection

Signs you need your home’s garage door inspected and probably repaired, at the very least, include:

  • Door that doesn’t open or only opens halfway
  • Door that doesn’t close or only closes halfway
  • Noisy door operation(which could indicate broken hinges, loose hardware, worn down opener gears or another problem)
  • Door that doesn’t operate even when the motor is running
  • Broken glass (for doors with windows)
  • Door that can be opened manually without the opener remote or security keypad
  • Panels that are warped or cracked (seen sometimes in wood garage doors)

Regardless of the source of the problem (broken rollers, faulty springs, bad motor, etc.), all garage door repairs have one thing in common: urgency. A garage door that doesn’t work properly leaves your home or commercial building at risk—timely garage door repair is essential.

So don’t wait if you think you need a tune-up, repair or even a replacement—call Intermountain West Insulation! We offer emergency 24-hour garage door service so we can be there quickly to help you resolve whatever problem you’re experiencing.

Garage Door Maintenance & Inspections in Eastern Washington

Sometimes all a malfunctioning garage door needs is a tune-up to work like new again! Problems like springs that aren’t lubricated enough, hinges that are worn down, etc. often require just a quick inspection and tune-up. What is a garage door tune-up and how to you tune up a garage door? One of our professionals can help with this. Our 18-point inspection service is thorough and effective—we:

  • Inspect springs, cables and hardware
  • Inspect the opener
  • Make necessary adjustments
  • Lubricate all appropriate parts
  • Recommend necessary next steps if applicable

Contact Intermountain West Insulation today if you need professional garage door service for your home in the Eastern Washington area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Have My Door Serviced?

If you are not having any problems and your door is working smoothly and quietly, a preventative maintenance call is suggested once a year with normal use. If your door/opener is older and or gets heavy use, you may want to have this maintenance done more frequently. If you have any safety concerns, do not operate the door and call a professional garage door company.

Besides a Maintenance Visit, How Can I Keep My Garage Door Safe?

Getting professional service isn’t the only thing you can do to help ensure your garage door is safe and in top working condition. You can also check for frayed cables, do a quick inspection after a severe storm, check for loose brackets and make sure the garage door opener’s automatic reversal is working.

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