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Weather-Resistant Barrier Installation for Commercial Buildings in Eastern Washington

There are several key components to creating a commercial building wall design, including weather-resistant barrier installation. Intermountain West Insulation offers several weather-resistant barrier solutions ideal for commercial properties throughout Eastern Washington. With our weather-resistant barriers in place, your building will remain completely protected from exterior water penetration.

We serve contractors and property owners who need weather-resistant barriers for their commercial projects. If you need weather-resistant barrier installation in Eastern Washington, contact us now using the form on this page.

What Is a Weather Barrier?

Weather-resistant barriers are an essential part of your commercial building’s exterior wall system.

High-quality weather barriers are both air- and water-resistant, while still permeable, or ‘breathable,’ to allow for vapor dissipation. The use of a good weather barrier system contributes to a building’s energy-efficiency, as well as occupant health and comfort. An inability to control the intrusion of air and moisture can have serious and even devastating consequences on the structure and lifespan of a building.

A weather barrier can take many forms, including mechanically fastened building wraps, adhesive membranes, fluid-applied materials and rigid insulation

Air barriers are designed to prevent the flow of air between the interior and exterior of buildings to keep exterior elements out and keep conditioned air in.

Benefits of Installing a Weather Barrier

Weather Barriers are Essential for Durability

Weather barriers provide the most important line of defense protecting the building interior from the elements on its exterior. 

Water (whether vapor, rain, or drainage) and air are driven to seams and leakage points by wind, gravity, and natural properties of surface adhesion. 

Improper installation or an absence of weather barriers allows for the elements to enter a wall or roof assembly and cause the materials within to deteriorate. 

When moisture gets into the building envelope, wooden materials rot, steel materials corrode, and mold begins to grow. Whether from the structural or health hazards, a brand new building can become inhabitable exceptionally quickly without proper weather protection.

Weather Barriers are Essential for Energy Efficiency

The other side of weather barriers is their pivotal role in achieving energy efficiency for a building.

Maintaining any interior environment that is different than the exterior environment presents costs, both financially and environmentally. When comfort is considered on a large commercial scale, the margin to be lost by inefficiency grows substantially.

An improperly installed weather barrier (or ineffective weather barrier product) can leave a building with constant leakage of cost and energy.

Weather barriers are considered to be key components to the design and construction of green buildings.

By keeping the building materials in your wall system dry, weather barriers can provide many benefits to commercial property owners, including: 

  • Durability: Keeping your wall system free from water damage will help it last longer.
  • Maintenance: Fewer moisture and water issues means lower maintenance costs.
  • Cleanliness: Reduced moisture decreases your likelihood of mold, mildew, and pests.
  • Comfort: Some barriers help reduce air infiltration, increasing indoor comfort.
  • Costs: Reduced air infiltration also means lower utility costs for your property.

Contact Us for Weather Barrier Installation in Eastern Washington

When it comes to keeping your commercial property well-protected from weather and water damage, Intermountain West Insulation is the only team for the job. For over 30 years, our insulation contractors have helped create stronger commercial buildings for Eastern Washington business owners. We work closely with each customer to determine the best solution for their property, allowing them to remain fully protected against water damage to their building materials. 

Need a bid on your upcoming project? Partner with us for all your commercial insulation needs — fill out the online form to get started. We’ll deliver what you need to meet project requirements, budget and timeline expectations.

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